sewer pipe problems

Sanitary sewer pipes, just like living things, would also get old and broken due to less maintenance, improper usage and long term of operation. Problems must be taken into an immediate action to avoid making your problems worse. This problem can be fixed easily by yourself once you notice some defects in your pipes. However, there are some signs that you probably don’t know and notice. Discussed below are some warning signs that your pipes are broken and the solutions to your sewer pipe problems.


Sewer Pipe Issues


Higher Water Bill.

This is probably the most accurate sign that your sewer pipe is damaged. Once you have noticed an excessive increase in your water bill, this is eventually due to leaks in your pipes. When pipes leak, water tends to trickle and when ignored, it could result in a corrosion in pipes which then expands the problem.

Low Water Pressure and Flow.

Low water pressure is the force of water being pushed out while low water flow is the volume of liquid that you receive from your shower heads, sink, taps, etc. When there are a low water pressure and flow, it obviously means that your pipes might have expanded, cracked or burst. There may also be leaks occurring in your pipes.

Unpleasant Sewer Odour.

Sanitary sewers are sealed with an air tight to avoid home owners to inhale unpleasant odours produced by the sewer. Once you smell this stinky odour, start locating the area where there are cracks or maybe openings in your sanitary sewer pipes.

Constant Clogging.

One common sign of a damaged sewer pipe is the constant clogging. This typically due to the huge build-up of grease, hair, debris, etc. Once these accumulated materials in sewer pipes are left unaided, it could result in a severe damage.

Water Spots.

Water spots around you basement floor or foundation could be a sign too. Once water is accumulated on the floor, it could result to mould growth on walls, floor and foundation. When this happens, there is a higher chance of getting your walls broken and you’ll need to pay extra for repairing it.


Possible Solutions


Pipe Relining.

Pipe relining is a new pipe repair technology. This is what most home owners refer to use since this is a no dig process. With this, restoring your landscapes will not be necessary since it won’t cause damage to your landscapes. This method is also cost and time effective and environment-friendly.

Pipe Bursting.

Pipe bursting is best suited to sewer pipes that are severely damaged. This process is done by pulling a new sewer pipe through the old one. Hydraulics will be necessary for this process to break apart the old damaged pipe and to seamlessly replace it with a new one.

Preventive Maintenance.

Prevention will always be better than cure. It is best to have your sanitary sewer pipes cleaned and maintained regularly to avoid future damages. By regular inspections, you can keep accumulated materials and major debris away from your sewer pipes.Cracks, bursts and clogs can also be avoided.